A film by Philippe LIORET

Released on mai 24 2009



A film by Philippe Lioret

With Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi and Audrey Dana

Written by Philippe Lioret, Emmanuel Courcol, Olivier Adam with the participation of Serge Frydman

Produced by Christophe Rossignon


Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at Berlin International Film Festival

LUX Prize of European Parliament

Nominated for 10 César Awards (including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor)

Lumières Award for Best First Film

Audience Award at Colcoa Film Festival



17-year-old Bilal has spent the last three months travelling illegally across Europe, in an attempt to reunite with his girlfriend Mina who has moved with her family to England. The long journey is almost over when he finally reaches Calais, on the far northern coast of France; he can literally see his destination from across the Channel. But with all legal options exhausted, Bilal resolves that his only option is to learn to swim, and make the dangerous crossing himself. Bilal seeks the help of middle-aged swimming instructor Simon (Vincent Lindon), who is privately reeling from impending divorce from his socially-conscious wife Marion. In an effort to win her back, Simon impulsively - and uncharacteristically - risks everything by taking Bilal under his wing.


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