The Vertical Ray of the Sun

A film by Tran Anh Hung

Released on juil 06 2001



a film by Tran Anh Hung

With Tran Nu Yên Khê

Produced by Christophe Rossignon for Productions Lazennec


Festival de Cannes, selection officielle Un certain regard



Three sisters living in modern-day Hanoi – Lien (trān nū yēn khē, Cyclo), Suong (nguyēn nhū quȳnh, The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters) and Khanh (lēkhanh) – prepare a banquet for the anniversary of their mother’s death. Upon the ending of the banquet, the three sisters’ personal lives go through different stages of distress, dealing with strife in their personal relationships and the revelation of a mysterious man who lingered throughout their mother’s life.


US Distributor

Sony Pictures Classics


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