Café au lait

A film by Mathieu Kassovitz

Released on déc 21 1994



A film by Mathieu Kassovitz

With Julie Mauduech, Mathieu Kassovitz and Hubert Kounde

Produced by Christophe Rossignon for productions Lazennec


Venice International Film Festival, Official Competition

Two César Awards nominations (Best First Work and Most Promising Actor)

Paris Festival : Special Jury Prize and Best Actor for Mathieu Kassovitz



Lola, a young West Indian Métis, is pregnant. However, she does not know which of her two lovers is the father: Felix, a poor Jewish bicycle courier, or Jamal, the son of affluent African diplomats. When she refuses to get a paternity test, the two men fight to prove to her that they would be a better father.


US Distributor (theatrical)

New Yorker Films